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About Fnaf 2:

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is the second chapter in popular FNaF series. It’s an amazing and nice survival horror adventure game that brings you more panic feelings and horrific challenges to go through. Following the first chapter, you will get a chance to meet the animatronic gang once again, so you must have all your skills ready to fight against them for your survival. FNaF 2 was launched on November 10, 2014 via Steam, and it was already launched on Android on November 13, 2014. But if you don’t want to purchase and download the full version first, you can try playing it with a free online version. There are so many new stuff added to the second chapter, such as new animatronics, new protagonist, storyline, stages, challenges and much more.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is a horror adventure game giving you further creepy challenges. Just like the first chapter, the second game will also take you to a scary spot named Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant, and you are going to undertake a new mission. The biggest different point in FNaF 2 is that the number of animatronics has been increased. This time, the restaurant releases some young animatronics that decided to join the aged animatronics, together, they will deliver the best performances to the children and adults. These new animatronics are so friendly and adorable, also, they are even equipped with the modern facial recognition technology, and they promise to entertain all customers in a safe way.

Similar to the initial chapter, the player will take on the role of a night watchman who works at this restaurant and safeguard this place from 12 AM to 6 AM. In fact, the previous guard has quit this job, and he wouldn’t work at night anymore. He has been moved to the day shift after complaining about animatronics. You’re an ideal person who can be in charge of watching over the restaurant at night. You take this job and start to work in the hope of getting a nice salary. However, you have no idea that animatronics are still here, and they don’t like humans! So, you must try your hardest to protect yourself against them. Your office is still equipped with surveillance cameras which can be used to track the movements of these enemies. You can monitor them and try to block their way because they are aiming to sneak into your office. You are unable to leave your room, you must sit there trying to survive all. There are three entrances you have to keep an eye on, including a lobby, and two vents. The vents are provided with two lights which can help you check the animatronics when they are so close to entering your room.

To fight off the animatronics, besides using cameras and lights, you’re also equipped with an empty Freddy’s head, and you must put it on to deceive the animatronics away. Doing so will protect yourself and you can last longer. Also, you can utilize a flashlight to light up some dark areas like the lobby. However, you should use the flashlight wisely because its battery life is limited, and try to save up the power supply if you want to use the cameras and vent lights longer. Your main goal is to survive all dangers and stay alive until the end!


Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is really worth a try! So, check it out right now and start to vanquish all horrific challenges. You can play it online without downloading or purchasing. But if you want to play a full version, you can buy it on Steam. Hope you have fun!

Fnaf 2
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