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Sister Location Online

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About Sister Location Online:

Sister Location online is a horrific adventure game developed and made by Scott Cawthon. The game was already launched on October 7, 2016, and it was introduced to Android devices on December 22, 2016. For the iOS devices, the release date is still unknown. Sister Location game is the fifth installment in the famous FNaF series. The game contains lots of new features with a unique gameplay mechanic. You will get a completely different experience once joining Sister Location. If you’re interested in this game, you no need to download the full version first, because the free online version is already available and playable now. Just feel free to join the game and explore new mysteries.

Sister Location game presents to you a new horror adventure full of terrific moments and creepy challenges. The game takes place at a brand new spot called Circus Baby’s Pizza World where lots of children and adults can enjoy nice circus performances delivered by amazing robotic creatures, including Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Ballora, Ennard, and Baby! They are main animatronics that rule this place, and they are so active when the night comes. In previous games, you play as a night guard sitting in the office and use your skills, reflexes, or observation to fight off all animatronics that are trying to sneak into your office and jumpscare you. But, in this Sister Location, you’re going to get through completely new challenges. And they may give you lots of goosebumps! So, just be prepared!

In Sister Location game, you take on a role of a late technician who works for this restaurant at night and tries to handle all technical issues. Instead of utilizing cameras, doors, lights for the survival like in other games, now, the players will get a chance to interact with the animatronics. These enemies will move around the building, and they can even talk to each other. If you don’t protect yourself when you’re close to them, they will figure out your presence and try to jumpscare you. To fight them off, you should prepare your tactics, good reflexes, and act quickly! The game features extra nights for you to explore, so you have to try your hardest to get past all of them, unravel all mysteries and find out who sister is!

This horror game surely brings you lots of horrific moments! They players will have a chance to show all their skills and abilities through many challenges. If you’re done surviving all main nights, you will be able to unlock a Custom Night which allows you to set the difficulty level of animatronics. Just try to get through all nightmares and defeat the game! Good luck!


Sister Location game is finally playable online for free! You should grab this chance to join it and feel free to explore all challenges as well as play against more animatronics. This game contains various new features, so come play it now and explore all of them.

Sister Location Online
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